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Confidence counts.

Supporting thousands of women in local government has shown us that confidence is a transformative asset for public services. In local government, a culture of confidence is not a nice to have but a catalyst for meaningful change. When women lead with confidence, they inspire trust, foster collaboration, and champion inclusive policies that resonate with your communities' diverse needs. This confidence is the bedrock of effective and impactful local government services, driving real change and fostering environments where every voice is heard and valued.

We can't wait to support you and your teams.

When you enroll your cohorts, you'll receive a customised report packed with data-driven insights. We take the time to personally meet with each client, discussing the report and offering our expert recommendations.
The UPFRONT Local Gov Bond 1 is an exhilarating six-week online experience where you learn to build your confidence and the confidence of the women around you. It all happens LIVE alongside hundreds of curious women from all over the world.

The Bond will impact your organisation at an individual and team level. Confidence is an incredibly powerful force in the local gov sector. You will learn how to lead with confidence, inspire trust, foster collaboration, and champion inclusive policies that resonate with your communities' diverse needs.

I promise three outcomes: you'll start to love the thing that scares you, you'll find your people, and 10x your confidence.
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Founder and CEO, UPFRONT

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What Local Gov Leaders say

Emma Toms
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The Bond opened our eyes to how we need to embrace our whole selves better and challenge the status quo. It's been a huge journey of discovery, giving us the tools, the permission we think we needed and the self-belief that our confidence is all there at our disposal. Now we're on a new journey to share what we know with as many people as possible, advocate for change and take back control, and we've seen that with Bonders elevating not only their careers in the local government sector but their passions in a way that gives a lasting impact on a personal and professional level. Being part of a Bond is a literal game-changer, everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of this journey.
Business Design & Continuous Practitioner | Co-Chair of the ECC Women’s Network
Emma Redman
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This initiative is crucial for local governments, providing a dedicated program for women to focus on their leadership and contribution. I'm excited to see UPFRONT's Local Gov Bond, as I have no doubt it will empower thousands of local government women to build essential skills and confidence in their roles.
Emma Redman
Learning & Development Consultant, Essex County Council
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I really believe in the power of the UPFRONT Local Government Bond and the transformational impact it has on women and confidence. A Local Gov Bond is just what’s needed for women working in this sector: helping them step into their own power, build on the strengths they already possess and empower them to serve their communities with the sort of kind confidence society is desperately in need of right now. I think it's a game-changer for local government empowerment and development.
Andreanna Dais-Patterson
OD&L Administrative Assistant
Braintree District Council
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Enrol as many women staff as you wish for a one-off fee.
Email kim@weareupfront.com or click below to pay via invoice or digitally. The fee is calculated by your organisation’s revenue, check the table below.
Revenue Band 1
Revenue Band 2
£50M – £200M
Revenue Band 3
£200M – £500M
Revenue Band 4
What Local Gov Bonders have to say
“I have loved this course and how much we have bonded so much as a group, life long connections have been made.”
“I'm so pleased to have joined the Essex Bond and I have learnt so much in the last 6 weeks. It's been great hearing and learning from the amazing women in the Bond. This is only the start of my UFRONT journey and I'll be bringing others along with me. Thank you for the opportunity”.
“This course was the most engaged course I have ever been on, and I learnt several lessons from it that I will be taking with me for life”
“This course was the most engaged course I have ever been on, and I learnt several lessons from it that I will be taking with me for life”
“Every element of this course has been life changing”
“I feel like I've been set up to go and make the most of my voice, presence and ability - whilst also being conscious of how to support others in the same process.”
“It's reignited a fire within me that was snuffed out over the last few years and I can't wait to see what I do with it!”
“The most valuable eye opening course I have completed. With real learnings, development throughout and a commitment to continue learning and sharing what I've learnt with others. The UPFRONT team are fantastic.”
“It’s an amazing journey of self-knowledge supported by a circle of powerful women and led with love and knowledge by Lauren and her team.”
“A sensational programme which covers lots of hugely valuable topics. It has given me such a boost in how I feel and project myself to other people. Loved the mix of learning styles, social aspects too. I've also been doing this while on maternity leave, and it has provided me with a great opportunity to feel a little more connected back to work (dipped my toes back in a little bit!), but also enabled me to give me some time to focus on ME! Loved it. Thank you.”
Curious? Questions?
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Got questions? No question is too silly or too small. Choose a time to talk to Shakira about how the Charity Bond works and what you can expect.
Book in a time to talk to Shakira (she is sunshine in human form)

Here’s what you'll learn 

The course is divided into 4 chapters to make sure you get the smoothest learning experience possible, starting from the fundamentals all the way to being UPFRONT.

Our recommended time commitment is 3 hours per week. 


  • The UPFRONT why
  • Busting confidence myths
  • You are extraordinary
  • Your mindset matters
  • Your language matters


  • Being visible
  • Building a writing habit
  • Speaking up
  • Citing diversely
  • Building a confidence culture at work
  • Being a good audience
  • Confidence and privilege


  • The power of your breath
  • The power of your voice
  • Taking up space
  • Pace matters
  • Hands, arms and all
  • Status quo, status pro


  • Using your voice
  • Telling stories
  • Practise perfect
  • Speaking in public
  • Panel prep
  • All about you
  • UPFRONT introductions
  • Building ladders
  • Bonus module:
    You have a voice

How the Bond works

📼 26 pre-recorded videos and access to hundreds of resources throughout the course.  

* 2+ hours of practical and condensed knowledge.

📝 Exercises to apply what you learned for every module. You're encouraged to share your output, progress and learning with your Bond.

👏 Valuable reading lists for every lesson (you get to keep these forever).

✅ Showing up in the UPFRONT Bond (hosted on Circle.so) with the work you’ve been invited to share, so coaches can give you hi-fives, feedback and support.

🚀​A weekly LIVE Q&A with your UPFRONT coaches. You submit your questions in advance. Your Mondays will never be the same again.

💌 Everything is recorded. There's zero risk.