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Transform your relationship with confidence

 Bond 7 begins June 5th 2023


9th September - 21st October 2024

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We want you to have the kind of support that sometimes even goes where you don't let yourself go. Support that goes further than the void of a Facebook group,

Lauren Currie

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Bond 8 is an exhilarating six-week online experience where you learn to build your confidence and the confidence of the women around you. It all happens LIVE alongside hundreds of curious women from all over the world.

I promise three outcomes: you'll start to love the thing that scares you, you'll find your people, and 10x your confidence.

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Our Bonders come from

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we're supporting 1 million women.

are you in? 

UPFRONT is building a world where low confidence and lack of community are never why a woman doesn't do what she wants to do.

The problem isn't that women aren't confident but that confidence in women is not rewarded in the world. This is the problem we're solving together.

The Bond will feel like a kick up the ass and a warm hug at the same time.

What is a Bond?

Bond 8 9th September – 21st October 2024

A bond is the collective noun for a group of women. We wrote a poem for you about it.

UPFRONT Bonds are the world's top choice for women and organisations that want to increase their confidence.  

Thousands of women from over 50 countries have joined a Bond since we launched in August 2020.

I'm Ready to be in the Bond
Women sitting in audience

Who we're helping to build a culture of confidence

So What Exactly is the Missing Link?

When you’re trying to make changes in your personal and professional lives, it's not usually a lack of skill, motivation, talent, or drive that stops you. 

It’s a lack of confidence, and can appear in three main ways :

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The desire to please others

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Craving approval (worrying about others' opinions)

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Seeking safety and comfort (  due to a fear of confrontation and desire for safety)

Quotation mark
I joined because I feel I can offer more to the world. I spend too much time researching but never taking action

Emma, Bond 5

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Because of UPFRONT I now earn 69% more. I'm using what I learned in the Bond every single day

Julia, Bond 3

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I can't begin to tell you how the Bond is already changing me on a day to day basis. My communication, my conversation - everything you've taught is at the forefront of my mind before I act

Samiya, bond 2

Sound familiar ?

Women join the Bond from all over the world, from teenagers to women over 60, from apprentices to managing directors - and everything in between.

We don't care about your job title, and we care about your values.

You are in the right place.

I'm here for my 6 year old daughter. I want to model confidence and help her use her voice too
I feel that confidence and self-belief have held me back from going ‘all in’ for a very long time
I want to build emotional resilience at work and learn to stand up for myself again
I’m here to learn how to speak up in the moment
I want a sense of community and camaraderie
I’m one of the best in the world at what I do. I know this. But it’s hard for me to say it out loud

We see women making three Big mistakes when it comes to confidence

Women in audience smiling

We're on a mission to support 1 million women with confidence

UPFRONT is building a world where low confidence is never the reason a woman doesn't do the thing they want to do. The problem isn’t that women aren’t confident but that confidence in women is not rewarded in the world. This is the problem we are solving.

We're on a mission to support 1 million women with confidence and this is your invitation to be part of it.

I'm Ready to be in the Bond
Quotation marks
Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. To every woman I know. In every job, or no job. Those speaking out once a year or twice per day. Those managing corporations or households. I would also suggest you make it available to your teams. I have recommended it to my own employers. If you do want to enrol, do it wholeheartedly. Try all the activities. Join in with the group. Ask questions. Say what you think

Nicola Donnelly, BOND 1

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meet bonders

Our alumni are women from all over the globe - from team leaders to nurses to primary school teachers and engineers.

Let their stories inspire your confidence journey in the same direction.

read bond alumni stories

Meet  Bond alumni

We want you to have the kind of support that sometimes even goes where you don't let yourself go. Support that goes further than the void of a Facebook group,

Our alumni are women from all over the globe - from team leaders to nurses to primary school teachers and engineers

Let their stories
inspire your confidence journey in the same direction


Dr. meenal viz

NHS Dr and activist

As a doctor, mother, and woman of South Asian heritage, I never knew I could find my voice and speak up to create positive change. Growing up, I never saw someone with my skin colour on TV, women like me were never celebrated. As I started out in the field of activism, I was always clouded with imposter syndrome because historically speaking, women like me have been silenced when speaking truth to power. But thanks to the Bond I've learned to find my voice and my confidence.

Gently, we will shake the world!

Alumni stories

Kathryn Grace

Head of Design, NHS England

Thank you UPFRONT for turning my engines and releasing the confidence that I needed to show to get my new job. Taking blocks from the wheels in front of my eyes. Showing me the injustice. And wrong doing. I thought I wasn't good enough but that was never the case. I'm still removing the barriers I have unconsciously accepted. But now I see them.

Alumni stories

Sofia Medina Andrade

Talent Acquisition, Bosch

I joined Bond 3 to find energy and motivation to overcome a particular challenge. I found much more than tools more than strategies. I found a community. I found an amazing support network that is Lauren and her UPFRONT team. My amazing buddy groups! Everything the Bond taught me is still helping me deconstruct some of my limiting beliefs. I hope that you'll join us.

Alumni stories

Annie Mbako

Inclusive Process Designer

Since day one, this has been more than a course. It's a space where intersectional feminism is well and truly alive. As a Black woman, I didn't have to work extra  to be 'seen'.

Alumni stories

Ilana Wisby

Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Quantum Circuits

Joining the UPFRONT Bond was one of the most impactful professional and personal experiences I've ever had. For a long time, I’ve operated in male-dominated spaces but didn’t feel like I was able to make the impact I wanted to. I had the 'position of power', the capability, and plenty to say. And, despite all that - I simply didn’t feel heard. I read the books, worked to learn - but I never quite found long-lasting strategies that worked.Until now. At UPFRONT, I was surrounded by an incredible group of allies in a safe and motivating space where vulnerability was strength. I found my cheerleaders, my confidence, and now I am heard.UPFRONT was so powerful for me, that I now offer the course to every woman in our team, too.

Alumni stories

Fran Cook

Co-Founder, AndGood

I joined Bond 4 to build confidence to use my voice to create positive change. I am so sick of seeing what is happening in the world every day and feeling powerless… systemic racism, gender inequality, growing public health crisis, environmental breakdown, and the intersections of all of these. As a privileged, middle-class white woman, I feel it is my duty to use my privilege more.So many experiences in life silence our voice (especially for women), now is the time to change that. I feel so lifted by this amazing community of women, I feel honored to be a part of it. You can literally see the growth happening daily! If you’re in a position of privilege it’s important when cheerleading you do that for women who face more disadvantages than you.

Alumni stories
49% average salary increase of Bonder

How Bond 8 works

In Bond 7 , we'll delve into your challenges and beliefs. We'll examine the impact of culture, history, and societal conditioning on women and non-binary folks, providing a comprehensive understanding of where you are today.  

How we do that

📼 26 pre-recorded videos and access to hundreds of resources throughout the course. 

* 2+ hours of practical and condensed knowledge. 

📝  Exercises to apply what you learned for every module. You're encouraged to share your output, progress and learning with your Bond.

💓 A buddy group with four other Bonders to help hold you accountable and build new relationships.

🦋 After the Bond course, you join Global Bond to continue your learning journey with hundreds of Bond alumni.

Where are products made?

👏  Valuable reading lists for every lesson (you get to keep these forever).

✅ Showing up in the UPFRONT Bond (hosted on with the work you’ve been invited to share, so coaches can give you hi-fives, feedback and support.

🚀​A weekly LIVE Q&A with your UPFRONT coaches. You submit your questions in  advance. Your Mondays will never be the same again.

💌 Everything is recorded. There's zero risk.

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Weekly Live Q + A

Weekly LIVE sessions with Lauren Currie and your superstar Bond 8 team. Think mini ted talks you can watch over and over again. We bring energy, solutions, optimism, and incredible tunes

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Your UPFRONT Coaches

You'll meet Lauren Currie and your incredible Bond 8 team in the Bond and during our weekly LIVES. We are present for 6 weeks to answer questions, inspire you and challenge you

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The Bond is the best team you've ever been part of, and you've never even met the players. The community is where you learn, reflect, share and grow together with your fellow Bonders on the same journey as you

JOIN Bond 8

Here’s what you'll learn 

The course is divided into 4 chapters to make sure you get the smoothest learning experience possible, starting from the fundamentals all the way to being UPFRONT.

Our recommended time commitment is 3 hours per week. 

Why you and why now

  • What makes you extraordinary (yes, you are, you'll see)
  • Let's bust the confidence myths
  • You are extraordinary
  • Your mindset matters
  • Learning the language
  • Being visible
  • Building a writing habit

Culture and systems

  • Speaking up
  • Citing diversely
  • Building a confidence culture at work
  • How to be a good audience
  • Whiteness and privilege

Let’s get physical

  • Breath
  • Voice
  • Posture
  • Pace
  • Hands and arms
  • Status


  • Choosing what you want to talk about
  • How to design your story
  • How to practise
  • Presenting
  • Being on a panel
  • How to answer "tell us about yourself and your work"
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Lifting others up and building ladders around you

Meet yourBond 8 team

We're here to give you support, expertise and grace.
We're with you every step of the way.

Lauren Currie

Lauren Currie

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Founder + CEO

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Swipe to meet your team >

Our Bond is data backed

Average increase in
Would recommend the Bond
to a friend
Average salary

What bonders say

Quotation mark
Lauren Currie you are CHANGING LIVES 👏👏👏 Hearing you speak feels like the best girlfriend giving me a hug and telling me "you can do this" if I was about to do something scary, like stand up and talk in a room full of men. Thank you!
Alumni name
Black and white photo of a group of women smiling
Rarely the word “community” encompasses its true definition. I’m proud to be part of the #UPFRONT community because authenticity and empathy are key for me. Thank you Lauren Currie OBE for creating a “home” for so many of us.
Vera Daskalaki
Women  smiling
My attitude has changed. My confidence has soared. I no longer question sharing my views with the world. Join. You can't fail to benefit from it.
Jessica Heagren
Woman taking selfie with others at table
I think all women/girls should have access to this course, including the practical advice. It has been a game-changer for me.
Women smiling sitting along table
I can’t tell you how much the Bond has changed my
outlook and perspective for the better.

Ruth Thielke, Bond 7

Who is the Bond for?

The Bond is for you if

  • You spend time living up to other's expectations and not your own
  • You worry about offending others, so you rarely say what you mean
  • Your confidence is off balance; you are confident in one area of your life but scared sh*tless in another area
  • You’re afraid if you've let your voice out it will be too loud
  • You're ready to unlearn and forget the stories you've been taught since childhood about playing it small and safe

The Bond is not for you if

  • You are happy for the status quo to remain
  • You're not prepared to shift long held beliefs
  • You aren't willing to be uncomfortable
  • You want change without the messy bit
  • You believe there is one version of confidence that suits everyone
  • You don't have 2-3 hours a week to commit to your growth, development and community

This kind of work is contagious

You'll learn how to identify and challenge negative self-talk, embrace your unique strengths, and develop the skills to advocate for yourself and others at work and at home

This kind of work is best in  community

Grow your self-confidence through sharing with others. This is so much more than a 'course', we're setting you up for lifelong success by making community central to your journey. Chances are you'll make a new friend for life.

This kind of work is radical

UPFRONT is different because we are centering the truth that women are not broken. You're going to work on your individual agency and progress at the same time as working to change the system.

We're building the world we want to live in.

I want to join the bond! 

The investment

Bond 8 £590 for individuals with 4 month payment plans

Bond 8 £1136.99 for businesses and teams, click the link below for more information or email

Grab your Bond 8 ticket

The UPFRONT Bond proves another world is possible - grab the chance to be part of it with both hands

Eddie, Bond 1

Bond 8 ticket

Individual Bond 8 price £590

Bond 8 payment plan

Pay in 4 installments of £147.50 over 4 months

For organisations

Our B2B product includes a kick off call with your Bond cohort, a bespoke evaluation report and a personal debrief with our Founder + CEO, Lauren Currie. Tickets include 12 months membership to Global Bond.

We accept payment via invoice or card. Email to set us up as a supplier. Discounts start at 20 seats and we offer discounts for charities.

To talk about hosting a Private Bond for your organisation email

Bond 8 ticket business + teams

Enroll your teams on Bond 8 or host a
Private Bond for your organisation


Got questions? No question too silly or too small. Choose a time to talk to Maria about how Bond 8 works and what you can expect.
Book in a time to talk to Maria (she'll teach you how to say marshmallow in Danish)

Free tickets for women on maternity leave

UPFRONT will always be free for women on maternity leave and women living in a no-income house

Why? Because we live in a system that is deeply broken and for many women, there’s no way out - no matter how smart you are and how hard you work

Email to secure your ticket

Two women smiling

Pay it forward

Every Bond welcomes hundreds of women who are living on no income or are on maternity leave. Your donation makes it possible for us to waiver their joining fee. We never want finance to be a barrier. If you've gained value out of your UPFRONT experience, I urge you to give another woman the same gift.Together we rise.

I Want to pay it forward


What is a Bond?
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Bond is the collective noun for a group of women. Each cohort of women that graduate from this course form a bond. You will be part of Bond 7 if you join today

What is UPFRONT?
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UPFRONT is a business on a mission to change confidence. It was founded in 2016 by Lauren Currie

How does the course work?
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This course is divided into 4 chapters to make sure you get the smoothest learning experience possible, starting from the fundamentals all the way to being UPFRONT

How much does this course cost?
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£590 and you pay in 4 installments over 4 months. There are discounts available for charities, students, and bulk buying - email for B2B sales and discount codes

What does the course include?
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💡  2+ hours of practical and condensed knowledge
📼  Immediate access to the entire collection of 26 videos
🙌  Actionable, easy-to-digest 5-min videos
📝  Exercises to apply what you learned for every module
👏  Valuable links of further resources for every lesson
✅ Monthly Group video calls with our Bond coaches
🚀An online space to meet and learn with the other women on the course

What do I need to have done to join?
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You don’t need any experience in anything!  We welcome anyone from any background, so long as you're interested in finding and using your voice.

Who is teaching this course?
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This course is designed and led by Lauren Currie, you can learn more about Lauren here.

Can I bulk buy tickets for my team or employees?
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Yes, if you'd like to buy tickets for your team email Employers such as Nike, Just Eat, Pleo, Onifdo, Co-op, Department for Education, Deeson, Impact Arts, Citizens Advice, and The Big Lottery Fund have funded places for their teams

What's the time committment?
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2-3 hours per week. Everything is recorded. There's no risk. There's never a good time to invest in yourself. Women have taken part in a Bond during moving house, moving to a new job, navigating lockdown, new babies, new puppies and more!

Can I ask a question if I get stuck?
downwards arrow

Absolutely! We are in this together. Everyone on the course will get access to Circle our online community, where we can talk and learn from each other

Who's the target audience for this?
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Any woman who wants to feel more confident - no matter what level of technical skills or ability you have. Bond 6 welcomed 511 women from 25 different countries

Will this work for my time zone?
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The weekly LIVES alternate between Monday AM and Monday PM. We strive to make sure no matter where in the world you join from at least 3 out of the 6 lives will be in your time zone