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6th November - 11th December 2023
Enrol as many employees and volunteers as you like for £1000
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Confidence counts.

Supporting 1000+ women working in the voluntary sector taught us that confidence is a competitive advantage for charities. It will help you stand out, attract volunteers, funders and inspire trust - all of which are essential for building a successful and impactful charity.

We can't wait to support you and your teams.
The UPFRONT Charity Bond is an exhilarating six-week online experience where you learn to build your confidence and the confidence of the women around you. It all happens LIVE alongside hundreds of curious women from all over the world.

The Bond will impact your organisation at an individual and team level. Confidence is an incredibly powerful force in the charity sector. It will help you stand out, attract volunteers, funders and inspire trust - all of which are essential for building a successful and impactful charity.

I promise three outcomes: you'll start to love the thing that scares you, you'll find your people, and 10x your confidence.
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Founder and CEO, UPFRONT

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What Charity Leaders say

I feel, for the first time in ages, excited about all there is for me to do, not downhearted assuming I’ll never get to do them or ‘be like that’. I can’t wait to meet even more of the amazing people on here and build myself and them up! Thank you.
I was amazed by the incredible demand for Bond 7. It's inspiring to see the demand among women for what UPFRONT has to offer. The course's flexibility was a game-changer for us, and the feedback we've received has been very positive. The Charity Bond opportunity is exciting for our sector
sorcha elliott
learning manager the prince's trust
Lauren and the women who are part of the Global Bond have created a diverse, inclusive and safe space for women to explore, test, challenge and be heard. There is power in community, there is power when women rise and there is power in vulnerability.
Unlimited places for £1000
For a fee of £1000 you can enrol unlimited women within your organisation onto the UPFRONT Charity Bond

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Curious? Questions?

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Here’s what you'll learn 

The course is divided into 4 chapters to make sure you get the smoothest learning experience possible, starting from the fundamentals all the way to being UPFRONT.

Our recommended time commitment is 3 hours per week. 

Why You and Why Now

  • What makes you extraordinary (yes, you are, you'll see)
  • Let's bust the confidence myths
  • Your mindset matters
  • Learning the language
  • Being visible
  • Building a writing habit

Culture and Systems

  • Speaking up
  • Citing diversely
  • Building a confidence culture at work
  • How to be a good audience
  • Whiteness and privilege

Let’s Get Physical

  • Breath
  • Voice
  • Posture
  • Pace
  • Hands and arms
  • Status


  • Choosing what you want to talk about
  • How to design your story
  • How to practise
  • Presenting
  • Being on a panel
  • How to answer "tell us about yourself and your work"
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Lifting others up and building ladders around you

How the Bond works

📼 26 pre-recorded videos and access to hundreds of resources throughout the course.  

* 2+ hours of practical and condensed knowledge.

📝 Exercises to apply what you learned for every module. You're encouraged to share your output, progress and learning with your Bond.

💓 A buddy group with four other Bonders to help hold you accountable and build new relationships.

🦋 After the Bond course, you join Global Bond to continue your learning journey with hundreds of Bond alumni.
👏 Valuable reading lists for every lesson (you get to keep these forever).

✅ Showing up in the UPFRONT Bond (hosted on Circle.so) with the work you’ve been invited to share, so coaches can give you hi-fives, feedback and support.

🚀​A weekly LIVE Q&A with your UPFRONT coaches. You submit your questions in advance. Your Mondays will never be the same again.

💌 Everything is recorded. There's zero risk.