Our approach to anti-racism and inclusion

UPFRONT is a business on a mission to change confidence. It is building a world where low confidence and lack of community are never why a woman doesn't do what she wants to do. The problem isn't that women aren't confident but that confidence in women is not rewarded in the world. This is the problem we're solving together.Bond is the collective noun for a group of women. Each cohort of women that graduate from the course form a bond, and participants are Bonders.

Brave spaces for our Bonders

Women are not a homogenous group, and we understand every woman's experiences and circumstances are different. Confidence is intersectional and can be linked to systemic oppression and prejudices. There is a lack of intersectionality and honest talk about how our different experiences affect our confidence. We cannot talk about confidence under the patriarchy without talking about whiteness, anti-racism and discrimination.

We are therefore passionate about enabling our Bonders to explore confidence, in the context of their identity in a way that feels comfortable to do so, ensuring they have the tools to thrive.

We endeavour to create brave spaces free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and contributions of all Bonders are recognised and valued.

We encourage bonders to use inclusive language, respecting and affirming the self-identification of others as appropriate, whilst also showing respect to people who choose not to, especially due to concerns about being outed.

We outline the expected behaviour of all bonders through our Community Guidelines, with a commitment to remove or restrict Bonders who do not follow these guidelines.

Equity for Bonders

UPFRONT will always be free for women on maternity leave and women living in a no-income household.Each bond includes mini bonds that are optional to Bonders, enabling them to explore confidence and lived experience free of additional labour or gaslighting. These include Women of Colour and Motherhood and Caring.

Each mini bond is created based on demand within each bond. Bonders can opt in and are only included if they have lived experience. 

Each bond is supported by an anti-racism coach, with relevant qualifications, who facilitates the Women of Colour mini bond, supporting Bonders through any issues around racism, discrimination or experiences that may have impacted their confidence. 

At UPFRONT we believe feminism is anti-racist. The course includes a module on Confidence and Privilege, with the aim to ensure Bonders leave the programme being introduced to anti-racism and as allies. The Citing Diversely module encourages Bonders to cite diverse contributors in their work, continuing to create a platform where underrepresented groups and contributors are further elevated in the work of others. 

Our anti-racism coach also supports White bonders on queries they may have as they complete these modules.

Equal Opportunities in our team

We are an equal opportunities employer, and we offer equal treatment and ensure that each employee receives the opportunity for individual personal growth and further development. We are passionate about providing equality, fairness and respect for all members of our team.

We are committed to creating a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued.